About us

Our history

Ghost Protocol is a Security and IT firm that summarize the experience of best expertise in the market and tailor it to fulfill future client needs.
Founded in 2015, Ghost Protocol is approaching the market differently by
providing physical security and infrastructure service with managed service, consultation approach within a specialized protocols proper to our company and derived from international standards in the field.
Our staff is dedicated, efficient and client-oriented, and our client support is unlimited. All blended together, enables us to deliver nothing less than high- security, cost effective solutions, and receive client satisfaction and loyalty in return.

Vision and Mission

“Transforming the Way Organizations and Communities
deal with physical security”

Our mission is to understand our client’s needs and implement high-end Physical Security solutions that best
suits their unspoken requirements, by employing the best in technology, people, and practices, and achieve
best client satisfaction rates

Our core values

Why Ghost Protocol?

International Certification

Ghost Protocol engineers hold certification from international security institution that allow them
to offer the latest best practice in physical security industry.

Our engineers hold the following certifications:

Meet the team

Mark Spencer

Digital Security

Nik Jacobs

IT sector

Stiv Elliot